wtf pwm web-book series no. 2

Prayerbook by Adam Moorad is No. 2 in the WTF PWM Web-Book series.

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Adam's writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in 3 A.M., elimae, Mad Hatters Review, Pindeldyboz, Underground Voices, Word Riot, among other places. He lives in Brooklyn and works in publishing. Visit him at


adam moorad's

dear god, sometimes, i wonder what your ringtone would sound like if you lived in brooklyn

i feel like sprinting in a straight line for as far as my legs can carry me
but when i move i can only move in zigzags
and when i try to move backward i move forward
but when stop moving i stand
and the entire planet around me starts moving
at the speed of light, or like, 299792458 meters per second